Nu Alpha Chapter was founded in Wilson, North Carolina on November 17, 1936. The Chapter was chartered in New Bern on December 5, 1936, with the following officers:

Basileus Bro. Bosie O. Barnes (Wilson)
Vice Basileus Bro. William Perkins (Tarboro)
Keeper of Records & Seal Bro. Aaron Womack (Kinston)
Chaplain Bro. D. F. Martinez
Editor to the Oracle Bro. Randolph Armstrong (Rocky Mount)
Keeper of Peace Bro. John Jackson (Goldsboro)

Nu Alpha was chartered with 61 charter members. They were:

Bro. R. D. Armstrong Bro. F. R. Danyus Bro. A. D. Smith
Bro. W. K. Lyle Bro. R. Ricks Bro. J. E. Bowen
Bro. E. J. Baker Bro. W. H. Davenport Bro. E Frinks
Bro. C. J. Mabry Bro. B. S. Rivers Bro. A. A. Morrisey
Bro. J. H. Baker Bro. M. Davis Bro. I. H. Smith
Bro. D. F. Martinez Bro. J. Scott Bro. J. W. Broadhurst
Bro. B. O. Barnes Bro. R. Earle Bro. C. R. Graves
Bro. S. K. McLendon Bro. N. W. Slade Bro. A. E. Murrell
Bro. R. C. Boddie Bro. C. E. Edwards Bro. C. C. Stokes
Bro. J. M. Miller Bro. A. D. Smith Bro. A. H. Bryant
Bro. J. A. Harper Bro. A. B. Parker Bro. H. R. Taylor
Bro. J. H. Bullock Bro. J. G. Hayes Bro. J. W. Parker
Bro. W. R. Tweedy Bro. E. C. Burnette Bro. T. J. Hodge
Bro. W. H. Parker Bro. S. H. Vick Bro. W. G. Byers
Bro. E. S. Houston Bro. W. Patillo Bro. O. M. Washington
Bro. T. L. Bynum Bro. J. B. Jackson Bro. W. Pearson
Bro. R. O. Weathers Bro. C. M. Carraway Bro. R. A. Johnson
Bro. W. Perkins Bro. G. Williams Bro. J. H. Carraway
Bro. P. C. Lloyd Bro. J. E. Pittman Bro. M. D. Williams
Bro. S. Carraway Bro. T. I. Long Bro. A. B. Reid
Bro. A. L. Womack    

The chapter consisted of men from Wilson, Rocky Mount, Tarboro, Greenville, New Bern, Goldsboro, Kinston and surrounding areas. Later, Brothers joined or were initiated from Jacksonville, Elm City, Henderson, Elizabeth City, Beaufort, Plymouth, Scotland Neck and LaGrange. They met monthly on a rotating basis in all the cities represented.

Brother S. Herbert Adams was District Representative at the time of the chartering. There are no surviving charter members.

In 1949, Brothers Barnes and Miller attended the National Conclave in Chicago. Nu Alpha was the largest chapter in Omega with 92 members.

Nu Alpha hosted the Sixth District meeting in Wilson, NC in 1958, with Brother “Bing” Miller as District Marshall.

Nu Alpha produced only one District Representative in person of Brother Miller.

Due to the extensive area covered by Nu Alpha and the travel required to attend meetings, seven chapters were chartered from Nu Alpha’s membership. Those chapters are:

  • Alpha Omicron (Rocky Mount)
  • Delta Iota (Elizabeth City)
  • Lambda Pi (Kinston)
  • Rho Rho (Ahoskie)
  • Beta Beta Beta (Wilson)
  • Phi Alpha Alpha (Goldsboro)
  • Iota Nu Nu (Greenville)

Nu Alpha’s operating area now consists of New Bern, Washington and areas around these cities.